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What are limits and deductibles?

Your limit is the total amount we'll pay if you make a claim on a covered loss. Your deductible is the portion of the claim you pay. For example, if you have an accident resulting in $2,000 damage to your car and you have a $500 deductible, you will pay the first $500 and we would pay the remaining $1,500.

How do limits and deductibles impact my premium?

Your premium will be higher if you have a higher limit and a lower deductible. Choose a deductible that’s right for you.

Does my insurance policy cover someone else who drives my car?

Yes, your policy covers licensed drivers who have permission to drive your car. For further information, speak to your Allstate agent – Ali Chaudhry.

Will I automatically receive a replacement vehicle if my car is being repaired?

If your policy includes Loss of Use or transportation replacement, you will receive the cost of alternate rental vehicle while your car is being repaired.

What happens if I have an accident and need to make a claim?

Visit Claims to understand how to report a claim and get contact numbers by province.

What does your auto insurance policy cover if personal items are stolen from your vehicle?

Your auto insurance covers your vehicle but not your personal items such as your laptop or briefcase that may be in your vehicle then. Personal items are covered under your home insurance policy.

What is no-fault Insurance?

Usually one driver is always considered responsible for a collision. No-fault insurance means that no matter who is responsible, each driver will get in touch with their own insurance provider to pay for repairs or health benefits if required.

How can I reduce my auto insurance premium?

You can build up your driving experience and keep a clean record.
Select a higher deductible.
Remove your collision coverage on older vehicles.
Combine your home and auto insurance with the same insurance company.
Keep kilometres down and adjust how far you drive
Car pool or take public transportation where possible.

Does Allstate insure other types of vehicles like motorcycles and motorhomes?

Yes, Allstate offers insurance coverage for other vehicles such as:
motor homes, trailers

What type of insurance does my newly licensed teenager need?

Your family’s safety and protection is of prime importance to us. Make sure your teenager is well trained in driving and is covered in a policy.

Do you have any tips to help me stay safe on the road?

Allstate is committed to your safety. Here are a few simple tips to help keep both you and your vehicle safe on the road:
Tips to keep your vehicle safe
  • Tips to keep your vehicle safe
  • Check battery and fluid levels
  • Replace worn wipers
  • Use snow tires in winter (mandatory in some provinces)
  • Change oil regularly
  • Inspect hoses
  • Replace worn bulbs
Tips to keep you safe on the road
  • Don't drive impaired
  • Stay alert
  • Buckle up
  • Maintain a safe distance
  • Watch out for pedestrians
  • Stay visible
  • Check road conditions before you leave
  • Don’t talk or text while driving

What should I do if I get in an accident?

Accidents can happen at any time. It helps be well prepared. Here are some helpful tips to see you through a collision:
Stay calm.
Check for injuries and determine the extent of damage.
Move your vehicle to the side of the road if you can and turn on hazard lights.
Do not admit fault or liability.
Call 911 to report the accident and injuries if any; ask if police presence is required (usually it’s not required if damage is estimated to be less than $1000).
If police presence is not required, go to a Collision Reporting Centre (if available in your area).
Exchange information with other driver(s) including name, phone number, driver’s licence and plate number, as well as insurance information. Also exchange contact information with any witnesses.
Record accident details for your records (weather conditions, what each car was doing, etc.)
Do not discuss your insurance limits or accept monetary compensation.
Report the accident to your insurance company as soon as possible.

How much insurance do I need for my home?

Your home insurance is determined by the worth of your home and the value of your personal belongings in there, such as clothing, appliances, furniture, furnishings, etc.) Make a complete list of your assets to make a correct estimate and discuss with your Allstate agent – Ali Chaudhry for the right coverage.

I have liability coverage on my auto policy, why do I need it on my home policy too?

Your auto liability protects you in the event of an accident and if you’re held legally liable for injury or death to others. It also covers damage to other vehicles or property. However, your personal liability on your home insurance covers you at home and elsewhere in the world for physical injury to others or if you accidentally damage another person’s property. For example, if a visitor slips on your driveway and you are held legally responsible, you would be covered for damages.

What impacts my home insurance premium?

The size and structure of your home and your personal belongings impacts replacement costs.
An unsafe neighbourhood that is more prone to break-ins may require more insurance.
Proximity to a fire hydrant or fire station can make a difference.
Condition of your home-roof can impact your coverage. The newer, the better!
Heating is considered. Gas furnaces or electric heat carry lesser risks than oil tanks. Improperly installed wood stoves carry greater risks of house-fires and carbon-monoxide poisoning.
Electricity is an important factor. Note the type of wiring. Breakers pose less risk than fuses. Knob and tube wiring can increase the chances of fire.
Plumbing needs to be looked at. Older pipes are more prone to cracking and leaking.
Monitored security system or fire alarm, swimming pools or other structures on your property such as storage sheds will be taken into account.

What happens if I have to make a claim?

Visit our Allstate Claims to learn how to report a claim and get contact numbers by province. Our team is at your service to take you through the procedure.

How can I reduce my home insurance premium?

Make sure your home is safe and secure. Install a home security system, a monitored fire alarm to qualify for discounts. Choose a higher deductible to lower your premium.

How can I keep my property protected from fires?

Household fires can cause irreparable loss and damage, claiming many lives. Keep your home and family safe with these helpful tips from Allstate:
Install smoke detectors on every floor and change batteries regularly.
Keep a fire extinguisher on every floor.
Don’t leave cooking unattended. -Never pour water on a grease fire.
Don’t plug too many appliances into one outlet.
Frequently inspect and clean chimney flues and your furnace.

As Canadians, we’ve experienced extreme weather conditions in the past few years. What should my family do in an emergency?

Your home should be equipped with an emergency kit to help you and your family get through the first 72 hours of an emergency. Allstate recommends the following items in your emergency kit:
  • Non-perishable food and water
  • Non-perishable food and water
  • A basic tool kit
  • First aid kit
  • Hygiene supplies
  • Clothing and footwear
  • Battery-powered radio
  • Blankets, towels
  • Prescription medications, infant formula
Also, prepare a plan and practise what to do in the event of an emergency. The plan should cover items such as:
  • Safe exits from your home or neighbourhood
  • Where to meet if separated
  • An emergency contact person
  • A trusted, designated person to take care of children or pets in your absence
Post your plan in a common location and practise it to ensure it runs smoothly.

Why are insurance companies interested in home-heating methods?

Improperly installed home heating devices can increase the risk of fire. An oil-heated home, leaks, old appliances, or ill-maintained devices such as wood-stoves are a common source of house fires and carbon monoxide poisoning. Speak to your Allstate insurance agent – Ali Chaudhry before buying or renting a home with a wood-burning stove.

My teenager is going away to college. Do I need additional insurance for their personal belongings?

Your teenager student is your dependant so all personal belongings taken to college would be covered under your home owner’s policy. However, the coverage amount will depend on your policy option.

What is a “shared common area” in a condo?

The common areas of your condo complex fall under “shared common area” in your condo, such as the area outside your unit, the parking lot, lobby, pool and recreation centre. Your condo corporation contract will list further details.

Does my home insurance policy cover my valuable possessions such as jewelry or artwork?

Your valuables are covered for a limited amount of coverage. For reimbursement, you can consider buying a Personal Articles Floater for risk-free coverage during theft or disappearance.

Do I really need tenant insurance if I don’t own my apartment?

It is always useful to stay protected in the event of fire, natural disasters, etc.
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